Who is Kirby? I am.
And what or where is Dreamland? This is Dreamland!
More specifically, Dreamland is my safe space where I’ll embark on a journey to creativity.

I’m a thirty-something woman with a child and I’ve always been told that I was creative. But I never actually do anything that warrants that label. Sure, the colour I picked for the baby’s room was daring and I did a killer job on some dinosaur cookies but that doesn’t really make me artsy or overly creative. Does it?

So here I am, in Dreamland, ready to discover if I actually have any talents.

Will I be an adequate landscape artist?
Will I be a star ceramicist?
Can I design and build a breathtaking Doll’s House (that my child will never be allowed to touch)?
Or will I fail miserably and have to hand back my creative license?

The only way to find out is to plop Kirby in Dreamland and watch what happens.